Naseem is a makeup artist based in Minnesota. She takes an objective approach to your project in order to execute both strategically and beautifully. Her artistry is driven by symmetry and simplicity, rooted firmly in the philosophy of "less is more". Technical prowess and a unique perspective informed by her design education support her workflow.

Naseem's career was borne from a personal project entitled 365 Days of Makeup. Over the course of three years, Naseem curated 365 consecutive self portraits that documented her personal makeup journey through the use of photography and minimal written content. As the blog flourished, an "aha!" moment was had. From that moment, Naseem began working tirelessly to build her career from the ground up in the Twin Cities market. That was in spring 2013, and she hasn't looked back since. 365 Days of Makeup was archived and retired in early 2018.

Naseem's clients include Lavender Magazine, Allen Ray Salon, MN Fashion Week, Aveda and ESPN/Disney. She runs her own business and also freelances with local agency WarPaint International Beauty Agency for a variety of bridal and other clientele.

Portrait by  Laura Rae Photography