"I've always been a little apprehensive about makeup, and never wanted to go to makeup artists because it seems like, more often than not, you end up with heavy makeup. This was not how it was when I went to Naseem. She is a genius. Seriously. I was blown away. Not only did she first take me out shopping to find the right foundation for my skin, but she educated me on what exactly she was doing and talked me through each step so that it would help me in the future. She listened to my requests and when all was said and done, I was very pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror. Naseem's exceptional skills had enhanced my natural looks to an extent I'd never even thought possible. I highly recommend Naseem, no matter what your needs. She gets triple thumbs up." -Emily


"Naseem is living glitter. Talented, knowledgable, and she is a truly gifted artist. She worked tirelessly volunteering alongside me to transform my daughter's class of 30 kids into characters for a Shakespeare play. They looked spectacular when she finished, and the kids were thrilled with their transformation! Aside from her skill and knowledge, Naseem is such a pleasure to work with; she is kind, funny, and chill. I can't even count the times I have asked her which mascara to purchase, or which eyeliner doesn't smudge. And she never gets sick of me asking. I loves her." -Suzie


"Naseem helped me with model prep for a fashion show. It can be a little nerve wracking going into something without having seen the other person's work or skill level when going into an event that is very fast paced and not knowing if someone can keep up. I had these thoughts until I met Naseem. She showed up early, was prepared for anything and had a fantastic mindset and attitude. What I liked best about working with her is that she, like myself, chats with the clients, makes conversation and jokes to put the clients at ease and create a connection. She was very easy to get along with. She is someone I would love to work with again and is definitely on my go-to listing. I find it very interesting and wonderful her knowledge of the field, without licensure training, but her self taught skill level and desire to learn and get ahead. She is farther ahead than I was when starting out, and will be a success because of her drive and desire. I wish her all the best of luck and will help her in anything I can to see her grow as an artist." - Annie